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the kung fu action is plentiful
- Mark Pollard, Kung Fu Cinema

No Wires - No Pads - No Doubles
Just 100% Real Kung Fu!

It's out and it's a Hit! Last Hit now on DVD and VHS.

Welcome to the Last Hit website. Here you can find out more about the cast and crew of the movie. Check out some of our favorite tunes from the soundtrack (Ten Killing Hands). Follow the updates on showings, festivals, news and more.

Last Hit has made it's way to Carlos' home town of San Salvador, capital of El Salvador. He's had a few interviews with the local papers and the initial showings have gone very well. They are planning a full premiere ( 2 shows of 200 seats each) within the next few months. They have asked for for a Spanish subtitled version for the premiere. We are busy working on that version right now! Hola!
The Story
Cast Crew
Ten Killing Hands

LAST HIT follows the brief rise to power of a young martial artist. When Carlos is offered a job by the aging town boss Williams, he gets more than he bargained for. Between Williams' inept henchmen to the other gangs who vie for control of the small southern town, Carlos quickly realizes he has his hands full

Carlos must use all of his kung fu skills to deal with the rising oppostition. But as Carlos rises in power, he begins making his own decisions and this does not fare well with Williams. Williams is forced to hire a trio of kung fu killers to take Carlos out.

The action is non-stop in this rock 'n roll kung fu extravaganza!

Carlos Castillo - Carlos
Robert Frazier - Williams
Michael Fitzgerald - Walt
J.P. Lincous - Jack
Daniel Honaker - Dan
Michael F Fitzgerald - Al
Rob Jenkins -
Josh Bedick -
Jeff Rinehart -
Joe Niles - Barton
Jim Charlie - Jeff
Charlie Brown
Sergio Robez

The Three
Ali Reza Afshari
Richard Kang

Ron Wilkerson

Michael Fitzgerald (director, writer, producer)
Joe Barta (director)
Brad Kalinoski (cinematographer)
John Wallace (lighting, makeup F/X)
Daniel Trout (ran his ass off)
Joe Nilles (sound, lighting)
Chuck Minsker - (dir. Fredrick Fight, Walt's Apartment)

Soundtrack of Last Hit is by Ten Killing Hands.

32 Tunes written exclusively for this feature. from rock to blues to a bit O' folkadelic, this soundtrack blends to form the heart of the movie.

Ten Killing Hands' music drives the martial arts action and builds with the tension between Williams and Carlos.

It all comes together to drop you into a psychodelic rock ending never experienced before in kung fu cinema!

Click below to check a few tunes:
New Mourning
All U Bastards
- coming soon!
Psychodalia - coming soon!

Ten Killing Hands is:
Matt Kyle
Michael Fitzgerald

Contact: B.H.P., 210 Baer St., Huntington WV 25701

Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo 

Robert Frazier

Robert Frazier

Daniel Honaker

Daniel Honaker

J.P. Lincous

J.P. Lincous

Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald



LAST HIT - 2004

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